The 33rd King Mango Strut

King Mango Strut Annual Parade Rocks Coconut Grove on

Sunday, December 28, 2014

This year’s theme: “Life is just ebola cherries”

COCONUT GROVE, FLORIDA – The 33rd annual King Mango Strut marches down the streets of Coconut Grove on Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014, at 2 p.m., where South Florida’s wackiest citizens come out to entertain the masses with the biggest newsmakers of the year. Our country has had a rough year, but things look good in the future, so the parade is themed around the slogan “Life is just ebola cherries.”

Among the hilarious acts, expect to see “FanGate” – remembering the debate that blew us all away; “Invasion of the White House: Intruder Alert!;” “Taken by Tolls on the 836 and 112;” and “Charles Manson’s Wedding.

The King Mango Strut goes beyond watching — it’s engaging fun for the entire family. The event starts with the Little Miss Mango and Little King Mango pageant, where every kid wins, and rides the float to lead the parade. Following the Grand Marshal and Little Mangoes, the laughter will ensue as groups engage crowds along the route in an interactive review of the most entertaining happenings of 2014. Following the parade, Commodore Plaza will explode with four live bands for an after-party until 6:00 p.m., and plenty of photo opportunities with the Mangoheads.

This year’s Grand Marshall is Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, on his “In Your Face Victory Tour.” We will also have Guest Celebrity Ed Bell, of WLRN, in honor of his 44 years of broadcasting and promoting music in South Florida, as well as his promoting the King Mango Strut.

The real stars are your friends and neighbors. This parade is produced entirely by volunteers who make the props, signs, and floats, and preparations to entertain, for months ahead. Come out for a classic South Florida event, or join the Strut by filling out a free Entry Form.

The parade begins with the dropping of the banana at 2:00 p.m., at Commodore Plaza and Main Highway, runs to Grand Avenue, makes a hard left, and heads back to Commodore. Early arrival is suggested to get the best viewing spots. Children who want to participate in the Little Miss Mango and Little King Mango pageant and ride the float should arrive at Commodore Plaza by 1 p.m. (no special outfits needed). The parade ends with an after party on Commodore Plaza, with local bands Iko-Iko, Roadkill, Mr. Nice Guy, and Memphis Kelly rocking until 6:00 p.m.


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***** 33rd KING MANGO STRUT *****


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Bridgegate: Chris Christie closes George Washington Bridge
Dead celebrities: Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Lauran Bacall, Oscar de la Renta
Miami is #1 state in identity theft, Medicaid fraud, mortgage fraud.
White House intruder – Secret Service bungling
Italian ISIS
Miami cop arrested for DUI and drug possession
NFL – domestic abuse scandal
Scotland rejects independence (Put a guy in kilts, on a leash held by the Queen)
Chelsea Clinton’s baby Charlotte
Wal-Mart is now in the banking business
27th Ave. perpetual construction
“Fangate” – Charlie Christ’s fan at the Gubernatorial debate
Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, who has no medical background.
What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator
Drop your pants for underwearness (Depends group)
Toxic Parks
Texting, or texting for Seniors – dwi-driving while incontinent, atd-at the doctor, bff-best friend’s funeral, byot-bring your own toilet, fwiw-forgot where I was, btw-bring the wheelchair, etc.
Amal and gorgeous ladies of wrestling
Oh-Bummer (Obama)
Bride putting baby in train of wedding gown
Three boob lady, with 3 Stooges following behind (the original 3 boobs – costumes available)
Bye bye Lebron James
Climate change
Honey Boo-Boo, Sugar Bear and Alana
Billary – Hillary and Bill
Tobacco Road closing
Fast food employees demanding higher minimum wag
Monica Lewinsky is baaaaaaaaaaaaack
Computer apps – thousands of ‘em
Malaysian Air: New reduced fares for trips to nowhere; flight attendants carrying signs.
David Beckham trying to get his soccer stadium
Street Harassment (video of girl being harassed by guys)
Gay business executives – led by Tim Cook of Apple
United States Republic of Republicans
Medical Marijuana – Don’t get high, just die
Commodore Plaza islands – narrow minds, narrow streets
South Florida proposes becoming the 51st state: Suggested state bird, buzzard; song, “Money;” flower, the dollar weed; motto, “Where flip-flopping is a way of life.”
New tolls on SR 836 and 112 – Walking toll booth, demanding tolls from the spectators. (Prop being made, for someone to use.)
Charles Manson wedding

Survivor: Miami should have been the theme of this past year’s Strut. Yet, once again, the King emerged unscathed although slightly damp. It seemed a close thing when the banana dropped, especially when you could see Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Sarnoff going over the newest Miami city government project since Grove Harbor: the Coconut Grove Ark. Yet, the rain stopped in the nick of time and allowed the Strutters and bands to perform. The crowd of dedicated Strut watchers seemed to appreciate what King Mango brought to the streets for their entertainment.. The court jesters were again out in force from the Children of the Genetically Modified Corn to our favorite clown cleaning up after the parade.

Special thanks to the Little Miss and Mr. Mangos who gamely rode the float at the beginning of the parade, smiling and waving to the crowd while being drenched. Also to our Grand Marshal Rob Ford for his gracious acceptance of the Key to the City from Mayor Regalado and the other parting gifts from well-wishers in the crowd (by the way Mayor Ford, it was flour in those baggies-this may be Miami but we do have some standards). And we would like to especially recognize our Local Celebrity Joe Donato and the Iko-Iko band. When the car carrying Mr. Donato broke down at the start of the parade, he quickly climbed aboard and joined the Iko-Iko band and together they serenaded the crowd. “The show must go on” takes on new meaning when you see such professionalism and courtesy extended with the goal of entertaining our audience.

Finally we would like to thank all those who made the Strut possible; the volunteers, performers, bands and especially the audience. Although we say that neither rain nor snow nor slime can keep King Mango from strutting, without all of you and your positive can-do attitude, keeping the NUT in Coconut Grove would have been much harder if not impossible. So, here’s to the 2013 Strut and we will be back for the 33rd Annual King Mango Strut on December 28, 2014 when once again the king will take over the streets of Coconut Grove.

On a sadder note: On Friday, December 27, a dedicated volunteer and friend of the Strut, Mike Elder passed away. Many of you knew Mike. For years he was the gatekeeper at Commodore and Grand, and last year he ran the line-up of the parade. At this year’s Strut, his widow, Jane Reilly accompanied by their sons, Buck and Mike dropped the banana to begin this year’s parade. He will be sorely missed. mike001



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