The 37th King Mango Strut
Sunday December 30th, 2018




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Photography by Art Seitz © 2018

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KMS 2017 Live Streaming Video:
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2017 – 36th King Mango Strut
Photography by Art Seitz

YouTube video by Lorenz Rudolf Osterhamme
The Bavarian Videographer
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The King Mango Strut Parade Rides Again!

Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 2:00 PM in Coconut Grove

Imagine taking the Year’s events, crumpling them up in a ball, and then throwing them out on the streets of Coconut Grove! Well, that’s what the King Mango Strut will be doing for the 36th time December 31st, 2017 delivering Mirth to the Earth at a time when we could use it most.
The King Mango Strut has been called “the weirdest parade in the universe” and “the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” Each year, we invite Strut Participants and Strut Spectators to
“take a bath in laughter”. And you won’t even need special glasses.
Irma God, you must not miss this.
Will we finally find out what “Covfefe” means?
Will Kim launch his widdle missle?
Will Harvey face his accusers?
Will we get a visit from Tom Petty’s ghost?
Will the Kardashians be able to keep up with us?
The Strut is “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!” We whip up another Wit-mans’ Sampler when we do it all again Sunday January 31st, 2017 at 2 p.m. in beautiful downtown Coconut Grove.
Visit for all the reality based stuff, like where to park, and a lot of fun pics, vids and info.
And if you want to turn off reality for a while, or just confront it with humor and laughter, don’t miss this fun and visual event around the holidays. If you do, you’ll have to wait a whole year!
And after the Parade, Commodore Plaza will remain closed until 5PM for the After-Strut Party with Bands, Dancing & Merriment!!!
Witness the magesty, the pagentry, No, wait…the hilarity and parody of the 36th Annual King Mango Strut and Let’s All “Keep the NUT in CocoNUT Grove!”
What: The 36th Annual King Mango Strut Parade
Where: Starting at the corner of Main Highway and Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, FL 33133
When: Sunday, December 31st, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Strut will be streaming live at:


as of 12 – 23 – 2017

‘Covfefe’- Trump lit up Twitter with this new unique word

Doing the Cafefe People doing the Macarena

Covfefe Latte

Covfefe and Cream An orange and white person

The family that Covfefes together stays together

The Covfefe League A group of pregnant women; A sports team; An activist group

Covfefe Collectors

F. B. C. – Federal Bureau of Covfefe

Sign up for Covfefe

DON’T touch my Covfefe

King Tide and other floods

Where is Richard Simmons?

Alternative facts

Fake news

Obama spied on Trump thru a microwave oven – bring on the hot pockets!

Agent Orange – Trump with orange tan and hair

Trump throwing out paper towels to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

IvanaTrump considers herself to be the real First Lady

Trump wants to bring back “Merry Christmas” greeting

Kellyann Conroy has been appointed Opiod Czar

Santa Clause with a sign looking for naughty girls to sit on his lap

Gimme Moore – take off on politician Roy Moore losing Senate seat

Omarosa carrying her things in a box with a sign saying “but I wasn’t fired”

George Clooney gave his 14 best friends $1 million dollars each – I was his 15th friend!

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KMS 2016 Live Streaming Video:

Richard Fendelman’s


more videos and photos

2016 King Mango Strut photographer Robert Gill







Branjelina – divorce split 50/50 she gets half the kids and he gets other half
Price of Epi Pen  $80 to $4,000
Purple heart. No heart. Trump accepts purple heart from veteran who earned it.
Musical rendition of ‘Happy Gays are here again……..’
Oprah’s quote; I love bread.  Bread and buda, buns, pure bred
Skittles – Donald Trump Jr’s reference to Syrians
Pokémon Go
Cookie eating alligator in Grove.
Mickey Munday former cocaine Cowboy builds LOVE park in Miami
Slaves built White house. Trump wants their names.
Also missing black boxes: Faro (ship that sank in hurricane Josquin), MH370 (Malaysian Air flight that is still missing)
Baby bachelor and baby bachelorette
Wikileaks to Wiki-Depends
Billy Bush firing
Zika is here legally – some are good mosquitos
It is Rigged
King Tide – Giant box of Tide with crown on top
Los Deplorables   – Basket of Deplorables
Nobel Prize Winners: Dylan for Literature, Chemistry for Leary, Piece for Trump
Going back to Miami oops Havana – Wayne Cochran song– Obama in convertible smoking Cuban cigars, Cuban rum, wearing Guayabera shirts
Yoga Pants parade
The “Hillary Shimmy”
Trump’s Kitchen Cabinet
Samsung phones blowing up
Yoga Pants parade
Samsung phones blowing up
Yoga Pants parade
Mannequin challenge
Medical marijuana – group handing out prescriptions
Cubs getting rid of goat (piñata)
Poles in  HOV lanes

Trump Univ. degree
Ladies in White
Castro’s coffin



KMS 2015 Live Streaming Video

Richard Fendelman’s presents

2015 Photography by Robert Gill